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Not textile Toronto Raptors Warren Lotas Shirt and my floor are tile and laminate, they have to scratch poles to use and actually use them because that’s the only place they can scratch. As an American, I cannot explain how many arguments I’ve gotten into about declawing. The number of people saying it’s for the best, the cats would otherwise be dead, is similar to idiots hunting animals for trophies. Americans are selfish down to the core. I trim my cats’ nails. Started training them to it when they were young. It takes 2 minutes to trim 3 cats.

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I don’t know why people act like cats are untrainable. There are many options between the extremes of full nails and declawing. Jenni Miao is right. Quit stereotyping us. Just because the BBC says something, does not mean it relates to each and every American. They are a bit biased in their reporting, like most news agencies that days. I’m an American and agree. Not all Americans maim their animals out of meanness and laziness but enough do. I have 2 cats, they have claws.

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I don’t care if they scratch my furniture, all my furniture is hand-me-downs and they all had kitty love before I got it. My kittens are just babies just now so learning, it’s not hard to say a simple no to a cat who’s clawing at the furniture and move them to their scratching post to allow them to do it on that. Cats are quick learners .my other 2 stopped within weeks. I have 5 cats just now and my furniture is still as good as new.

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I live in Toronto Raptors Warren Lotas Shirt the US and I had both declawed and clawed cats growing up. I will say that the clawed ones had better temperaments, but required more training to teach them not to scratch certain things. The declawed ones clearly required less training. But, the biggest drawback was the obvious pain one cat had the older he got.

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