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Im getting rsi from laughing too muchcan you guys go any lower when it comes to democrats. Are coming form people who do not live in the usa I wish you would come to somerset kythere are more pe a Straight Outta Energy Teacher Life Shirt e attending at one rally for president trump than all democrats rallies combined sure is a lot of foreigners on here worrying about our elections they need to worry about their own mess in their own countries sure you can because you need something to complain about dan stupid alerts pick on the do nothing group that likes to spend hard working peoples money just to tear up the peoples speech for her own agenda back fired hahaha trump those democrats live in a fairy tale when their rallies only bring in less than people. I am with out words in communicating the disbelief and disappointment I witnessed from the left as our presidentyour accomplishments for the people exceed all expectations your speech was uplifting and needed to be heard thank you for your hard work and

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