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Also, love how Expecting A Little Firecracker Shirt you trained it to sit and stay. You are obviously insane. The reason cats were used in many medical experiments is because the way their brain works is similar to ours. It is your brain that doesn’t function. Shame on you. Obviously, the reason why your cats scratched you is that they very much disliked you. Declawing is so so wrong. Why would you induce years of pain on an animal you’re supposed to love.

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Talk about comparing apples to oranges. We have rampant populations of cats that literally can’t control themselves when in heat and can produce many litters per year. Humans, on the other hand, can be taught to control their baser instincts. Not only that, a kitten is sexually mature in a very short of amount of time. A human takes roughly twelve or thirteen years.

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Apparently, you don’t have a brain functioning to tell you that declawing a cat is akin to de-dicking a man. Eunuchs were strictly indoors, well looked after, and lived long lives. Funny that the people saying Rob has no brain are the same ones anthropomorphizing an animal. That’s a logical fallacy and a sign of irrationality. I bet the same loons have no issues with killing unborn humans.

Expecting A Little Firecracker Sweater

If you’re not able to Expecting A Little Firecracker Shirt discuss and advocate for all the things that make abortion unnecessary and think banning is the solution, you really are an ignorant hate monger that enjoys bullying and brutalizing. I know what your mother should have done. I’m sorry my logic bullied and brutalized you. Maybe if you learned how to think rationally, it wouldn’t bother you.

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